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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

::bila dah mula gile..

silly tak..tetengah sesibuk nak mampus aku boleh gi edit edit template lagi..
hmm..hidup makin ler susah sejak hari2 ni..
i'm all stressed out due to this thing..
yg paling tension boss aku call suruh submit inventory of all pcs/notebook/applications of one of the plant and he needs it tomorrow.. ada ke dia suruh aku gi kat plant tu kira every single pc yg ada.. and he needs the info besok pepagi.. dia ni gila ke apa?..
kalau kat plant we all tu pun take days to complete (tu yg dah siap ada all the info dlm our database tu) ni kan pulak a plant which do not have IT staff, hardly any database utk simpan inventory and i'm suppose to submit the report by tomorrow pepagi.. gila babas tul..
anyway.. on a lighter note.. i've made some changes to my template.. i no longer use comment facility provided by haloscan but decided to use the one provided by blogger.. i'm pretty happy with the new layout..
nik ajak gi dinner hari ni.. his farewell dinner actually.. ye lah org dah dapat keje kat KL kan.. dengar cite gaji pun menarik.. tul ke??.. but i'm happy for him.. i know he dont like working in the plant.. good looking ppl like him deserve to wear nice clothes and be in KL.. baru kena.. i wish him all the luck.. and all of us know he is in good hands in KL.. ;p

::nak balik ke tak nak ni??::