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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

::an early start..

6.05am.. in the office.. or rather, data center..
the dept that's currently handing over task to me will be going off for a short getaway.. starting thursday..
meaning to say there wont be any technician on standby then..

the system
they have a weekly standby person who will start the day at 6am, check all servers/equipment, fill up a checklist, and submit a report to another data center in KL.. however they are allowed to leave the office by 3pm..
in the weekend, they start at 6am, do all the needed tasks and they may take leave by 9am..BUT they have to be in the surrounding area in case of any emergency..

why am i doing the job
..not that i mind doing it..esp with the current situation.. i guess it is part of my responsibility too.. although i wont be hoping for the sky as per before, but still this is my job.. as for this task, i see it as a temporary thingy... but by doing this i would appreciate more of the things that kept all of the technician bz everyday..

things r still very uncertain at the moment.. 11 out of 72 IT staffs in Kertih joined the new comp.. they r recruiting new staffs but still these 11 ppl have to manage all the task until those new entrants r comfortable of doing the jobs.. frankly, if this thing is managed and seen from a different angle, nothing is impossible.. CENTRALIZE.. one single point of contact.. things r different now.. we r not managing diff IT dept which has diff infrastructure etc, we r managing it as one single big IT dept..

but yet again.. r those ppl managing ready to hear the voice of the masses?..

::its not back stabbing, its for the better..::