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Saturday, May 22, 2004

::i'm trapped!!!

well.. well... well... well...well..

i was trapped... semalam kat dalam data center..boleh?.. keji tul..
the thing is, the data center has an extra security system compared to any
other rooms in this building.. most of the rooms here only has one receiver
for the staff to flash their smart card..this is to allow them to enter (if
they hv the rights to enter lah kan..).. and if they were to exit the room,
they would just have to push a button located next to the door..

the data center plak has 2 receivers, one outside and one inside.. meaning
in order for a person to enter or to exit he/she has to flash the
smartcard.. well.. it kind of failed me yesterday.. i have no prob entering
the room and i even did went in and out twice that morning.. after
completed all my tasks, i decided to stay in the room, update few stuff
(reports n blog lah kan.. obviously..).. at 9.30am, after completing
everything, i pun decided nak balik lah kan.. switched off all the lights,
closed all doors in the room (which also has their own receivers fyi..) and
flashed my smartcard to the receivers.. "preeeetttt".. pushed open the
door, and what do u know, it wont budge.. i tried 4 times jugak lah.. panic
jugak lah sekejap..hmm.. what to do.. i'm basically trapped in a room with
no food, no water and no TV!!!.. hehe.. i then tried to open other doors in
the room.. same thing happened.. ek eleh... luckily there's a phone at the
place where i'm trapped.. called the security card.. Ibrahim was the
savior for the day hehehe.. ibrahim and i then went to the security office
to check on the system.. hmm.. it seems the space capacity is 100% used..
patut lah.. and yg terkejut badak nyek..system that is being used for more
than 1000 users ni only has 3GB size.. gile ke apa??.. according the
ibrahim, the plan to upgrade the system has been pending for the past few
months.. well thats Bad's job.. hahaha. take that!!!.. with no budget and
not enuff manpower, how r u going to deal with that!.. :p

one can never rely solely on the system.. anywhere u go, having
backup/contingency plans r very important.. risk analysis should be applied
not only at work but our daily life.. take my situation above as an
example.. if i had not tell Bad that i would be in the data center all
morning, and the place that i was trapped in has no phone nor do i have a
handphone with me, what could have happened next.. it would be an
adventure though.. imagine, no communication medium and have ur notebook
with u.. there's sms via email system, there's chat rooms etc.. hmm.. guess
i wont die a sad death after all eh.. hehehe..

today, my smartcard still as good as useless.. the security person had to
open the door for me.. at 615am.. pity him.. i had to block the door from
closing using my sandals.. if anyone remove that sandals, the whole
incident yesterday would just repeat itself.. its good that i've gained a
lesson out of this.. always have a contingency plan where ever u go..

::met the person again masa lunch kat kertih.. now not only i noticed the
look he gave, but junai too..hehehe ;p ::