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Friday, May 21, 2004

::its a friday..

6.05am.. 5 minutes late.. rasa awkward jugak lah bila nak start.. but i finally get all comfy after few minutes..
its not that i've never checked on servers or in charge of servers etc, but knowing that i'm in charged of servers which services 2000 ppl. it kind of freaked me out.. one may think that i exaggerated so much esp when all this while the technicians are the one doing the job hehehe..

anyway..life pretty much the same.. the fact that i have to be in the office all weekend dont really make me less energetic.. i guess after 2 days of starting the day at 5am kind of changed my body clock.. today i woke up before the alarm shoot off..

Bad jahat betul.. saje jek nak kena kan aku ngan cousin dia.. the thing is, junai sent sms last night ajak gi makan dinner.. it seems bad & awie will be bringing the cousin and his wife out for dinner... well.. memang lah nak join them tapi rasa cam pelik pulak lah kan.. hehehe.. lepas persuaded by junai, i pun agree lah.. sesampai jek kat restaurant tu, i kind of freaked out bila tgk the 2 couple.. hehehe.. pathetic tak??..hehehe.. i decided to just duduk kat luar n malas nak makan kat dlm restaurant tu.. tetiba jek bad ngan awie datang suruh we all masuk.. sempat lagi bad keluar ayat ".. ha..malu pulak.." hehehe,... fine fine.. memang ler aku suka tgk cousin dia tu tapi sekadar admire jek lah tak de lah sampai nak kenal..dah la bini mamat tu lawa..

anyway..we all masuk jugak lah join them.. si junai ni plk sengaja jek.. mementang dia masuk dulu, dia saje jek bagi aku duduk sebelah mamat tu.. aku rasa masa tu mau telinga aku merah hehehe.. anyway.. duduk lah jugak.. cubalah control ayu kan HAHAHAHA!!!!.. so salam lah jugak..sesembang sikit.. kesian gak dengar cite dia report duty tapi the supervisor of the dept dont expect to get a new exec pun.. so ala ala macam org yg tak diundang gak lah.. kesian tul.. the wife plak, according to bad kena 'diminta berhenti' sebab rumors in her office cakap she might be following the hubby to kertih.. ler kesian.. pepenat belajar jejauh last last jadi suri rumah tangga (btw, they got married masa study kat US... boleh!).. Bad propose nak suruh dia masuk IP gak.. that would be good.. ada gak lah penyeri kat IP kertih kan hehehe.. tu lah cite nyek.. pathetic kan??..

ok lah babe.. need to get back to work.. i still have 1 report pending.. LAPAR nyek!!!!!...

::something abt the grip, the look and the goodbye bid... u got to be one to know one ok.. ;o)p ::