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Thursday, May 20, 2004

::its work and happy hour..

decided to come to office at 6am again.. i will be doing so for the next 2 days.. just to make sure that i'm comfortable doing the task assigned..
there seems to be loads of work to be done.. remember that i have to submit a report to my boss.. well at first i thought it would be easier since our vendor is currently doing PC maintenance.. so i thought it would be best that i wait for their report (which they promise to submit by this morning) and do some adjustment, then submit to my boss..
i received the report last night.. it wont be a smooth sailing for me after all.. it stated that in the plant there are 58 pcs only???.. sure ke???... and the report r not compiled into 1 single report but 58 spreadsheets all together!!!.. mampus aku!!!..
anyway.. work still work kan.. brace it jek lah.. buat jek..

abt my changes that i made to my blog..well i decided to scrapt the blogger's comments..at first i thought it only allows registered users to give comments, then i reverted back to haloscan's comments only to realize that there's an options to allow other unregistered blogger's users.. ek eleh... tapi tak pe.. i'll continue to use haloscam cause they r also providing the trackback facility..now i can link up to ppl with similar topic (Bad, please use ur halo scan balik so we can track back each other) and let others do the same..

last night was a blast.. nik held a small farewell dinner.. junai, zahid, the-awan-guy-that-i-dont-know-his-name and me.. we had dinner at kdrp.. they had sarawak cultural show or smtg.. organized by the sarawakian community staying in kertih,kemaman and paka.. its good to know that the club now allows those kind of activities being held and not narrowing it down to club-members-only-activities..
its was karaoke session right after dinner.. awana has just opened their karaoke club.. it used to be a discoteque until the state gov banned it few years back.. well as usual, the mic will never land in my hand.. not because they dont allow me to sing but i just refuse to sing!!!.. had a good laugh..a good time there.. until 12.01am.. nik had to take leave cause he still has things to pack..he'll be leaving for KL this afternoon :(
i still wonder why zahid refer to me as mat rempit (n smtm minah rempit.. or those girls yg flag off mat mat rempit ni??)..duh.. did i miss something here???..

ok back to work ppl :)

::saw bad's cousin masa kat awana.. baru sampai masa we all nak balik.. kind of remind me how he looked at me at dik nor's wedding hahaha ;P)..::