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Sunday, May 23, 2004

::people skills..

life is pretty much the same here..
but i did smtg that i'm not sure was right or wrong..

in my new dept, there are 3 execs.. bad, jean and me. Jean is a sarawakian
girl who has been working in the dept for the past 2-3 years.. At the
moment we r conducting the hand-over process from those who decided not to
join the outsourcing company.

we had a false alarm this morning. As routine, we are required to assemble
at the assembly point each time the alarm goes off. While queuing, i was
greeted with remarks from some of the people there "oi.. this is not for u
IP ppl this is only for us..".. hmm.. typical childish looser, i said to
myself.. fine.. but they greeted Jean the same way.. and being her she
approached me and start mumbling that those ppl (one of them is the section
head of the current dept) giving those remark.. 1 thing i dont agree with
her is, she takes these thing way too seriously which i think she shouldn't
have .. she did this in front of the technicians which then sarcastically
said "..alah joke sikit pun tak kan tak boleh..bukan luak pun".. i just
smiled.. maybe she's just another drama queen hehehe..

then one of the exec, who is currently handing over his job to her asked if
he could sign the hand-over document today.. she start speaking in a
harsh, disrespectfully manner.. "..mana boleh..u ingat apa.. u boleh
release lepas 30 may shj.." rather defensive... i could see the guy felt
abit embarrassed being responded that way... the guy responded in a polite
manner, justifying why he has requested.. same response given.. i kept
silent.. then she include me in the whole scene "..u tolong explain to this
guy that we cant release him yet".. hmm.. i really dont like to me in a
middle of an argument like this.. i could listen but please dont include
me as part of your defense team.. i decided not to make things worst...i
tried to explain to both person.. explaining that if everything has been
briefed and she is comfortable in taking over the other person process, he
could sign the document.. the document only specify all the jobs/projects
the person is currently doing.. and it is just to ensure that the successor
would know how to handle the jobs later.. the argument didnt end there..i
tried to ignore and make conversation with the others who were there.. i
totally disagree with the way Jean handled the situation.. i felt really
uneasy esp when other execs joined in and defended the guy.. hmmm..

I think what she should have done is :
1. explain the situation..if she's not comfortable in taking over the whole
process/jobs yet
2. list down items that she think still not completed and needed to be
addressed further
3. discuss the item in a rational and professional manner

i confronted her later that day.. explaining why she should have not done
that. clearly she's defensive. I've herd stories about her from the other
execs but never believed any.. i believe that i should not have
preconceive knowledge about a person.. it took me 30 minutes or so to
explain my point to her... it was not easy when she was being emotional
about it and started to tell stories of how she has been ill treated by the
other when she decided to join the outsourcing comp.. i tried to explain
that we r now carrying diff flags.. we r in diff comp and what ever
happened in the past should be left there.. did she accept it?.. i dont
know.. that is my approach, if i think someone is doing smtg wrong, and i
think i have a role to advice, i would say it up front.. my main concern is
the image of the company.. those ppl out there have already perceived us as
arrogant bunch of yuppies... by using a similar approach like what jean did
i think would not help but just strengthen their point..

we will be a team from now on.. it is best that she knows how i deal with
things, or rather how all of us back in my previous comp deal with
things.. we never hold things back.. all i'm saying is, we should be
professional and do things professionally..

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