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Friday, May 14, 2004


here i am in KL.. with no car..

hows the trip so far?
well.. with one fren gila meroyan, the other fren all freaking out for the interview and 2 new friends i met who i think obviously would avoid meeting up ever again hahahaha.. well i dont blame them.. thats the fact that i have to admit and accept.. :p

pretty boys r meant for pretty boys jugak.. engang sama engang, pipit sama pipit kan.. one thing for sure, i think i should stop this meeting-up-ppl-u-met-thru-internet stuff once and for all.. this is not the first but there have been few occasions where they either :
+ refuse to return my call
+ refuse to meet up again
+ even refuse to be frens..
although they sound so all frenly last few days..prior to the meeting lah hehehe..

everyone looking for the perfect one out there... one of the method is go out there, meet up with ppl and dump them once u think they dont meet ur 100% req.. fair enuff.. but remember that even if ur Prince Charming is there in front of ur eyes how sure r u that u r his Prince Charming as well??.. 1 thing i learnt out all of these is, there is no such thing as Mr Perfect.. relationship is about honesty, give and take and caring for the person.. he might not own a cool BMW but he has all other qualities, should u just dumped him for that?? for just one req that he did not meet??..well.. thats for one to judge and for one to make a decision...

whats my plan in KL..
well.. movie marathon is one.. other than conducting the training and attending the orientation next monday..

i'm quite surprised that the new comp actually booked me a night stay at the Ascot.. pergh.. i didnt even have the luxury to stay there previously but..hmm this new comp must be getting super discout on their corporate rate eh!!!.. Ascot is cool.. the tv channels almost as if u have ur own astro there.. but the breakfast suxx.. looks like some 3 star's breakfast jek.. other than that, a fren of mine who came over last night had to pay RM8 for the parking.. when i confronted and argued that am i not entitled for a free parking, the officer when on to check my details n stuff and argued that my car registration num is not the same as the one i mentioned(which is my fren's car lah kan..).. i just say, i didnt bring mine cause in KL, this is the car i'm using.. so r u going to give me a complimentary parking or r u still going to charge me.. "..ok sir..u need not pay for this.." said the officer while handing over the parking ticket to my fren.. hmm.. typical treatment a malaysian/local will receive from some posh hotel officers..

ok.. it 1230pm now... will b having lunch at kg baru with n & z.. followed by friday prayers..


::..i'm so used to it..:p..::