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Friday, March 18, 2005

::lapan bulan ok!..

..picked up AZ from Kuantan Parade.. he was there for his haircut.. talking about dressing up for the occasion eks.. occasion apa?.. entah dia hehee… anyway, we went to megamall for dinner + shopping.. our relationship entered it’s 8th month today.. not much celebration though.. AZ bought us a cake.. nothing big, just a slice of blueberry cake.. I love it.. the thought that matters to me..

we left kuantan around 9pm and arrived at Nike’s place at 11.30pm.. he was already dress up for out late supper.. letih sebenar nyek.. alah bukan selalu pun boleh lelepak ngan Z and nike kan.. enol and afzal joined us that night.. went to naili’s in ampang.. at least tak lah banyak nyamuk cam yg kat sentul tu kan hehehe..

anyway, most of the time spent talking about the fate of our dear friend.. aku dah malas nak cakap pasal isu ni.. kisah bagaimana seorang kawan yg dikikis, dipergunakan dan diperbodohkan oleh his bf.. the worst thing is, he knows about it but cant seems to do anything about it.. even to the extend of backing mamat tu.. according to him, the bf do all those stuff because he cares.. they finally broke up.. and our dear friend is determined to change.. good for him if he does.. but I’m not too optimist about this latest development.. I have decided not to comment or say anything more on this issue..
we called it a day at 2.30am.. ngantuk n letih dah..