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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

::despite all odds..

my sis..
my sis got herself a job 2 days ago.. called her up yesterday.."..letih lah..pening ni.. hari ni ngan besok ada training.." kesian.. but she's happy.. she's currently waiting result for her final semester and her graduation will be this July.. determined to get a job she insisted to go to KL.. well all of us know for the fact that she's just want to be close to her bf.. eleh.. lagi mau borak kan..
anyway, she sent out her resume as soon as her final day at uni few weeks back.. she has been to quite a number of interviews so far only to be turned down cause she's yet to get the degree on paper.. which will only be received in july.. knowing her, she's the type who is eager to do things.. so finally she landed on a contract service desk job in KL with one of the outsourcing ICT company.. (nope not mine eh).. ok lah kot, they pay her 2k plus.. tu tak masuk elaun.. thats a good start.. i think the main reason she got it is because of her command of english..
my mom sounds happy.. only the location that worried us.. but then again my dad just started his contract job in KL..
despite the hu ha of 30k of young grads not employed out there, i suppose it all zoom down not only to work experience but also your willingness to sacrifice your comfort zone.. in this case, our hometown..
so, my young sister is now officially independent.. i have 2 more sisters to look after..
hmm who says being an eldest brother is an easy job?..

about us..
..we spent 2 hours talking yesterday.. he was offended with some of my antics.. things that i did to make myself satisfied.. he mentioned about loosing 2 of his friends because i'm being vocal..
i admit.. i shouldn't have confronted the two guys the way that i did.. although it sound harmless, but still they would interpret that i'm just being too protective.. maybe i was.. i was just speaking my mind.. i don't like to keep things under the carpet.. if i don't see it right and i don't like the way things are done, i would just say it.. maybe some ppl are just not used to these type of communication.. but that's me..
anyway, things are looking abit brighter..
i will need more time to heal.. this experience is just beyond my expectation..
i'm glad that 'love' is still binding us together..
i'm not sure if i should apologize to those i have offended.. he sort of insisted.. i'll leave that to my own judgement later this evening.. maybe to one of them, cause the thing that happened was not his fault.. its ours..
to the other person, i still think he was wrong to approach AZ that way..
i just don't tolerate back stabbers.. i despise them.. sorry..