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Monday, April 11, 2005

::perlukah pena menurunkan titik noktah.. belum lagi..

he looks numb..
i feel numb..
he may smile but i know there something hidden behind it..
i can sense..
but i will not provoke..
the road shall not end here.. he says..
we have built too many things together and it would be sad to see it all end up at an empty end.. he continued..
i agree..
things seems to move at a very slow pace..
there is hope yet.. if change is what he is willing to take..
there is hope yet.. if me being a plain-traditional-guy is what he is willing to accept..
there is hope yet.. there is still hope..
i'm exhausted.. i'm tired.. but i'm willing to give it another chance..
will it be a final one?.. at the moment, i hope it is..
cause finally.. i'm brave enough to say that "setiap ayat pasti ada titik noktah nya.. hanya sang pengarang perlu menentukan di mana harus diletakkan.." .. esp in this world i'm in..
..lets believe in this for this moment..