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Friday, April 29, 2005

::stupid american..

::my fav idol for 2005..
.::dipersembahkan oleh::.bdkleovirgo::..
i have been cursing all night..
all to the fact that Constantine was voted out last night..
the fact that the retarded-fag anthony is still there made me squirm with dissatisfaction..
i can accept scott to be there cause he aint bad.. but anthony??.. are these ppl deaf?..
are these ppl just go for his physic?.. the fact that he goes to the gym twice daily and his biceps will beat seacrest's in no time?..
HE CANT SING!!!!.. cant u see?.. cant u listen?..
Constantine has been performing constantly from day 1.. except yesterday, his performance has won praises..
even Simon acknowledged this.. not once.. more than once!
but anthony??... gosh, he should be the first voted out.. mikalah is far better than him..
last week it was anwar.. and this week it's Constantine..
this is the end of my journey following this year's American Idol..
sorry Bo.. sorry Vonzell.. i hope you guys will end up as the last two..
but based on the trend at the moment, i dont dare to bet on that..
i'm not surprise if scott and anthony end up as the final two.. or even carrie and anthony..
why should i be surprise?..
these are the same people who elected Bush for a second term..