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Saturday, May 21, 2005

::secret recipe in kuantan..

secret recipe in kuantan
.::dipersembahkan oleh::.bdkleovirgo::..
surprise surprise.. stumbled into secret recipe in kuantan last week.. went there for dinner last night..
originally invited bad n awie to join us but awie sibuk nak makan roti canai..
i dont fancy roti canai as my dinner.. supper ke breakfast ke tea ke ok lah but not dinner..
i had their vietnamese beef noodles while AZ had their chicken kebab..
although i was craving for their bluberry cheese cake tapi cam tak best dua org jek.. i wish they had a hotspot setup there so that i could order, open my notebook and nimble..
tak pelah hehehe.. in future kot.. for the time being, enuff with me having breakfast at TASTER corner with my notebook on my side.. that's what i'm currently doing.. updating my blog at some kopitiam hehehe.. life in kuantan is getting more interesting from day to day...