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Monday, July 18, 2005

::between flights..

sedar x sedar setiap nukilan yg aku coret kat sini ada juga pembaca nyek..
i received a msg in one of the net msging portal..it goes smtg like this :
Assalamualaikum, this is Mr X. Just to let you know that I've just found your blog and i must say I truly enjoy reading it. This might sound strange but I need a favor from you, you see I've been reading the archive, trying to find more about how you first met Az. Did you write about it or perhaps
I probably missed it. Anyhow, if you did write about it, could you tell me where to look i.e. the blog's date. I'd appreciate it very much. By the way, keep on writing okay.."

ha.. cam ne tu.. tak ke terkulat kembang aku dibuat nyek.. hehehe.. esp when my main intention of writing in this blog is for me to express what i'm currently feeling hehehe...

i'm at KLIA now.. waiting for my connecting flight to kota kinabalu..
sebelum balik tadik singgah rumah jap and hantar AZ balik ke rumah dia.. x pe lah.. he has my keys.. kalau dia rasa nak lepak ke, dia boleh lepak jek.. tapi tetengah dia x sihat ni elok dia rehat jek kat rumah.. sian gak aku tgk dia..

my next flight is just minutes away.. knowing that i would not have the time and access in KK, i decided to drop a few words here..while waiting for the plane to arrive..

tomorrow will be hectic.. well not schedule hectic, but me being all anxious and cuak at the same time hahhaa.. kena present to these advanced users on our ITIL implementation.. well i'll try to give it my best shot lah kan.. as usual hehehe...