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Thursday, July 28, 2005

::dish for dinner..

was going thru my old pic in this notebook and stumbled into pictures taken during my kinabalu trip last october.. i really miss those moments.. making new friends.. doing things that i have long wished to do..
but the one that caught my attention is a picture of the lobster that ended up being our dinner that night.. such a huge lobster it was.. must have cost the ceo a whopping 500 each i think.. since there were 2 tables, so 2 lobsters lah.. gosh 1k just for dinner eh..
they didn’t cook the poor thing.. they slashed it open, sliced it and just poured lemon juice on it.. painful death isn’t it.. just try to squeeze limau nipis the next time u have an open cut.. urgh..
anyway, i just ate lah since it's already on the table.. but it's kind of sad to look at sponge bob's fren still waving it's antennas left and right.. for all u know he's screaming "..enough u jerk..".. hehehe..
that was the 1st time i had lobster for dinner.. i think it would taste better if it is cooked..

talking about lobster, well i cant wait for Aquaria at KLCC to open it's door next month... i don’t mind paying.. and if they even allow ppl to sleep over (which will only be offered to school children i was told), i'm ready to pay to feel the experience.. one good thing abt this aquarium is, they don’t use real-live-corals.. i think not the real hard corals.. but i'm sure they put up some soft corals.. i think.. hmm.. that's for us time find out next month eh..