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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

::expectation vs reputation..

i have been anticipating today's CSI..
esp when the director is quentin tarantino..
hmm.. not as what i expect it would be..
other than his signature flash back n background music, not much of the 'violence' elements were potrayed.. perhaps the fact that the series are family series kot..
but still, i dont really feel his presence as a director.. to a certain extend i prefer the normal csi and not today's 2 hour special.. perhaps expecting too much spoilt it i guess..
hmm.. tu lah mengharap sangat lelebih kan... not that i expect the like of Kill Bill to produced, but at least not much of the lame script and predictable plots lah.. he gave it away too early in the show.. the interview with the prisoner kind of sum up the whole series.. tu lah yg tak best nyek..
but still, i'm glad we have a lil change once in awhile..
still csi, desperate housewives, six feet under and carnivale will remain as my fav tv series.. nothing will change that.. not even tarantino..