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Monday, July 11, 2005

::finally.. i'm here..

alhamdullilah..finally i got myself me own streamyx!!!.. yeah!!!!!!!!!!
on top of it, i installed my 1st hotspot at home.. double yeah!!!..
now i can surf from every corner of my house.. be it in the kitchen..in the bed room.. hall.. guess room.. anywhere ppl!!..hehhee...

the house is almost complete now.. just need to get airconditioning installed for our room.. and a new mattress for the guest room.. no matter how it is, i still love this new home of mine.. :)

guess the main important thing is, we both set this place up.. its nice n cozy because its 'us'.. that's how we like it.. and so that is how it suppose to be.. well.. bring on the guess ppl hehhee..

a couple and a fren came over this weekn.. well.. now that i'm staying in kemaman, not much of a place where i can bring them around.. except for the beach n hi peng the kopitiam.. not for these places, dont think i know where else can they lepak in this boring town.. well it may seems to be boring to them.. but not for us.. not just yet...