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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

::friend eh.. hah!

r we really being honest out there?..
at one point we seem to be excited over smtg.. but after sometime it kind of get mellow..
sometimes it's us but sometimes it is just the other party..

what really happen to the true meaning of friendship..
it's pretty scary out there..
at one point u could become one of the 14Million malaysian who spent 5billion last year exchanging sms..
the interval between sms could be between 30 sec to 1 minute..
a long string of sms were exchange and ur so confident u got urself a new fren..
but after the weekn together they seem to be vanish into thin air..
no more sms nor calls..
u decide to send one.. just as a test if the other party is still alive..
ur lucky if they even response..
if they do it would be just simple text.. 1 or 2 words thrown in..

hmm..n u ponder why..
dont honest ppl out there deserve to have friends?..
are those ppl searching for friends out there really searching for FRIENDS.. or are they searching for 'friends'??
knowing that the friend they made is not really the type of 'friend' they want, so they decide the friend is no longer their 'friend'..

well we have to admit there are people out there who are in search of friend that could also be a 'friend'..
but could they ever separate between the two..

well.. frm what happened last weekn..
i think the answer is no..