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Sunday, July 31, 2005

::Hoi PATHETIC Malaysian!!!

what is wrong with we malaysian now days??
have we turned into some lame-sad-pathetic citizen?
i thought what happen in the 90's wouldn't repeat itself, but i was wrong.. today, 31st July 2005, malaysian bear witness to yet another pathetic act by our own citizen..

the front page of mingguan malaysia today has 3 main topics..
one about the increase of fuel price
second, there's nicol achievement in the recent malaysian women squash competition..
and there's the 3rd.. "Mawi mara ke Final"..

err.. what?.. mawi mara ke final?.. err.. why is that on the front page?.. masuk final apa ni?.. nominated in the final list of grammys ke?.. err.. apa ek?.. menang wimbledon ke?..
read on.. oh Akademi Fantasia.. ha!!! AF?.. AF tu taraf dunia ke?.. the fuel price memang ler patut kat depan.. and nicol david's achievement to beat all 9 top world squash players is no doubt should be on every single paper's not only in malaysia but asia.. but Mawi?.. err.. dah menang ke.. belum... masuk final jek.. dia sorang jek ke yg masuk final nyek?.. final nanti dia perform sensorang jek ke?.. nope.. there will be 4 contestant.. then why is only Mawi's picture and name on the title?..at the front page of a national paper?.. what happen to amylia, marsha and felix?.. dont they made it to the final too?.. this is what i have been talking about.. PATHETIC MALAYSIAN!.. don't let me start with Putera UMNO's intention of putting this guy in their circle.. would they have done the same had he didn't join AF?.. would this guy from kulai johor be made a hero then?...
this is the repeat of the one happened in the 90s.. "..Siti Nurhaliza dapat pangkat 2 dlm SPM.." Ha?.. pangkat dua SPM dapat front page!.. yes.. bukan kecik tapi suku jugak page depan tu dedicated to the story how this lipis girl dapat pangkat 2 and how big an achievement it was.. as if the best result ever.. kalau org luar baca seolah olah kata, pangkat dua tu ala ala cum laude kat malaysia ni.. deserve t dapat pingat emas diraja..
nak kata malaysian ni bodoh, kita ni banyak achieve itu dan ini.. but these are our front page headlines!!!!

how can one compare an achievement of a 22 years old girl who achieved what malaysian never thought we could ever achieved.. being the 3rd best squash player in the world!.. and is on the fast track to the number one!.. name one sportsman/sportswomen that we have or had that ever achieved that other than badminton.. and to top it up, this girl is a top student.. straight As in PMR.. straight As in her SPM.. she decided to turn pro and carry on ith her passion, squash while making all of us proud.. (please read today's Sunday Times page 54..) isn't this the type of person we want our children to look up to?.. there were no live telecast of her historic victory yesterday.. she don't care.. she just want each one of us to be proud and realize that malaysian can be where ever we want to be as long as we put in the effort..
And where is this mawi?.. he can barely remember his lyrics.. what is in him that we are so awed about?.. cant we even be rational in prioritizing?.. its not Mawi that i hate here.. its the fans.. its the pathetic malaysian!!..

gosh i never thought I would ever see such front page again after that pathetic "..Siti Nurhaliza dapat pangkat 2 dlm SPM.." incident.. and yet today i bare witness to yet another..

congratulation mingguan malaysia's editor.. u have just successfully downplayed and made all of us look stupid.. hmm what's next?..