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Friday, July 15, 2005

::a mall in rantau??

ni ler rantau mall yg diwar-warkan bakal mengubah how ppl perceived area kertih..
well at first mmg semua org cam gila sekejap.. very the excited.. esp after the launching.. now.. few months down the road i guess the hype is as good as none.. org memandang sayu jek kat tapak rantau mall.. "..hmm tunggu masa jek jadik hutan balik.."

not that i want to be all negative abt the whole idea.. but with no piling work even started i doubt we can see rantau mall by 2006.. bila pun x tau..
but looking at the design pun, ala ala a smaller scale of alamanda minus the signature 'fountains' by klcc holdings.. hehehe.. well.. i have to say, kerteh really need a boost of civilisation.. the drive thru McD did bring in some of it but we need more..esp when majority of the ppl living in kerteh r non terengganu.. ada dari bangsar.. ada dari ipoh.. dari KL.. dari penang.. semua bebandar besar.. where shopping malls used to be their playground back then..

well..let's not loose hope ppl.. give this idea a chance.. perhaps we eventually will be seing the next TGV or GSC branch in east coast.. perhaps eh..