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Friday, July 22, 2005

::mana x lembik kepala lutut..

in kuantan today..
arrived early today..jalan pun smooth from kemaman tu kuantan..
polis yg jaga selama berbulan bulan kat depan impiana tu dah x de dah.. at last after they all berkampung kat situ berbulan-bulan without any certain reason..

lepas solat jumaat aku ke bandar baru gebeng.. nak beli minyak enjin.. sebab ahad ni nak gi hantar kete servis.. masa on the way tu terserempak ler ngan lori ni.. hehhee.. 'costomer' anyone?.. hehehe..

tapi apa yg jadik petang tadi mmg buat aku baran.. i got stuck in this massive jam.. kalau jam cam KL tu aku faham ler kan.. sebab mmg banyak kete..accident ke apa ke kan.. ni kalau mmg sengaja buatan manusia mmg aku pantang ler kan..
i was stuck in that jam for almost an hour.. guess what.. in that 1 hour my car moved no less than 3KM..
why am i angry??
-> some highly intelligent officers decided to do road block.. during peak hours!!.. masa org balik keje.. and to make things worst they 'purposely' placed the road block right at the bottle next point of the road.. few meters before the road block is a 2 lane road that joined into one.. and 1 road coming in from kuantan port.. so what do u expect?.. during rush hour.. org sibuk balik, 3 roads, which 2 of them are actually the only road that links kuantan and kemaman, tak ke bertimbun kereta, lori sebagai nyek?..

-> ignorant, selfish, stupid and kiasu malaysian are the worst drivers.. they never bothered abt other drivers.. these fuckingkiasu drivers would swerve to ur left, be it off the road ke, on grass or gravel ke.. they just make the already congested 2 lanes into 3.. and those 1 lanes into 2.. worst is they fuckingly ignored ppl on the correct lane and start himpit sana himpit sini.. aku buat muka toay and never budge a bit.. i know i'm on the correct lane nad i dont give a fuck if they end up in a ditch ke apa.. they all yg carik nahas.. fucking bastards..

-> those intelligent officers end up x buat apa pun.. duduk kat tepi melambai macam miss world pagent.. after all the misery they caused us, guess what "..err i dont plan to take any action nor am i going to check any of the vehicle.. i'm just fucking happy making other ppl's life a misery.." bangang gile.. they could have just check the massive jam they created out of pleasure.. or if they r indeed intelligent, they could have naik ke atas n saman those fucking-bastard-kiasu-drivers yg tak rereti nak drive cara berhemah...

arghh... yg penat nyek aku.. lemah kepala lutut tukar gear & clutch.. sial betul lah..