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Sunday, July 31, 2005

::yet another ten cents..

the petrol price goes up again today.. starting tomorrow malaysian drivers will have to fork out additional 10 cents per liter..
it's an increase of RM4 for a full thank now..
am i complaining?.. nope.. i'm not
just that i have to revised my petrol budget..
tak pe lah nak buat cam mana kan..
have to make do lah.. kalau tak nak, tak yah bawak kete...

sepanjang AF ni aku tak penah ulas pun..
sebab tahun ni AF mmg x best langsung
next week dah final..
n the winner is no longer a surprise..
the swift will make way to kulai, johor..
wan norimah kata nak buat bbq bersempena ngan final..
aku ok jek.. boleh gak together2 with frens kan..
kalau tak, aku ngan az jek nengok kat rumah..
so i'm really looking forward to the bbq session.. esp wan's bread pudding hehehe
enuff of AF..
lame fact that ppl go gaga over mawi.. lame..lame..lame..