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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


hello me..
happy birthday to me..
hmm.. dah 29 tahun aku menghuni dunia ni rupa nyek..
aku rasa terlalu banyak yg aku lalui sepanjang 29 tahun yg lepas..
being a fag is not easy..
esp someone who's like me.. sebatu pun org dah tau..
but these experiences have thought me well..
who would have thought this sissy guy moved up the platoon of Kadet Tentera faster than any other st8 hungky guys..
who would have thought this sissy guy became the 1st malay student to be elected as school prefect since St Paul Seremban started..
who would have thought this sissy guy went to athens for a debate competition..
who would have thought this sissy guy is where he is now..

guess all the challenges that i face being a fag in this homophobic world thought me well how i can survive the 29 years..
some sees me as an enemy.. one is too vocal for the masses..
some sees me as an advisor..a shoulder they could rely on..
and some just see me for who i am..
who ever they are, or what ever they are, they have thought me well in one way or another..
to make me the person i am now..

i dont expect any cards/flowers/presents..
and i'm not upset that i didnt get any..
but i do appreciate those who wished me well..
their doa is what i needed most..
may the barakah make me even stronger..

alhamdullilah..aku bersyukur dengan apa yg Dia kurniakan kepadaku..
setiap rintangan, setiap kejayaan mendewasakan aku..
membentuk aku manusia seadanya..

tahun hadapan, angka '2' bakal meningalkan ku..
should i freak out???..
NOT!! hehehe..

p/s : someone forget to wish me again this year.. hmm why am i not surprised.. tgk ler few more days, sure dia baru teringat..;p