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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

::case of the ex..

Case 1 :
january 2003, i had a dream.. there was me, B and miss x.. in the dream B is more inclined to miss x.. B left my dream with miss x.. 4 months down the road.. B left me for a girl..
september 2005, i had a dream.. there was me and B.. i was listening to B justifying why marriage is important to him and why he should get married.. some of them were the words he spoken when he decided to leave me in april 03..
does this mean he's getting married soon..
i think he is.. based on the dream, i can see it coming next year..
i'm not sad but i'm happy for my dear B.. he has chosen his path and that is the path i would rather see him use..

Case 2 :
while in KL today, i took the opportunity to meet up with my banker fren and pass him my car insurance cover note.. this is to renew my road tax that will expire this 13th Sept.. well, while having coffee he "..hmm weh.. ko tak nak contact room mate aku ke (room mate masa matrik dia ler).. jap aku call dia, sure dia suka kalau dia tau ko ada sini.." and he actually did that...
well the story goes back abt 10 years ago.. masa aku matrik.. i had a short fling with a guy from my hometown (then malacca).. it was a 2 weeks fling which my dear fren kind off get the hint.. so up until today he will teased me now and then abt this guy cause right after the 2 weeks episode, we kind of not in sepaking terms..
not until today... yup my dear fren called mr x and told him abt me.. and mr x insisted to talk to me.. so after 10 years we finally spoke to each other today.. my fren gave him my num.. apparently he's working in KLIA now.. engaged to a girl from malacca but currently pursuing medicine in dublin.. he insisted to meet up with me in KLIA..
well knowing that i should not let the 'non speaking terms' to continue, i agreed..
we met at KLIA today.. banyak cerita nyek.. he just got back from dublin,..2 weeks ago.. his parents still living in malacca and he has been working with KLIA for the past 2 years.. he's living with 4 PLU.. two of them couple.. but according to him nothing happen to him so far since memasing buat hal memasing... hehehe kata dia lah kan..hmm.. banyak gak lah cite nye..
i'm glad that both of us do not have any grudge againts each other..
he did ask about 'B' and i'm sure my fren the banker told him that me and 'B' is no longer an item..
i did not tell him abt AZ.. not at the moment.. i dotn want my banker fren to know and start another rumour pulak..
he'll know if he visit us in kemaman..
mr x sent me sampai ke gate b9 klia tadi.. yelah keje kat klia, segenap pelusuk dia boleh pegi..
i'm glad i have closed another chapter in my life on a good note..