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Friday, September 23, 2005

::my life lately..

i think my life post 'migration' to kemaman is sort off sad..
i end up watching more tv..
my notebook is on almost 24 hours (minus my driving up and down the office)..
i allocated abt RM100 every month to buy dvd 5 from a shop in kemaman..
my weekend is filled with watching dvd, astro movies and documentaries..

and today, i'm stucked watching malaysian idol..
i kept asking myself.. how can i torture myself listening to daniel..
and what's with the lame comments by roslan??.. mellow eh bang lan??.. so not u!..

hmm sad sad sad lah hidup aku sekarang..
nak pegi kuantan tgk wayang.. jauh..
i have to wait for months before those movies arrive in form of dvd (i dont go for wayang or vcd version eh.. and the tokey kedai know.. i would select 20 dvds for testing and end up buying 1)..
nak tengok ning+dayang+adibah noor perform, well aku tak dapat jemputan (Well this is another story.. i'll tell more abt it soon.. well..once i received my signed cds & postcards..)

the only exciting stuff abt living in kemaman is, i got to stay with az.. every single day he's there for me.. makan, tidur, bangun pagi.. he's there.. there for me.. hmm heaven kan.. but still i need to spice it up abit.. there had been a pinch here n there but i do hope more coming our way.. we r yet to go menjala at pantai penunjuk and puasa is just round the corner..

well.. that's life i guess.. u cant have all at once..