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Sunday, October 16, 2005

::some goes according to plan and some just dont..

since i have not written any for the past few days, well i think i should pen down at least something tonight..
well at least before i go to sleep..

hmm.. well nothing much happen since my last posting..
spent the weekend at home..
doing some housekeeping around the house..
woke up rather early on saturday (well if u call 9am early lah kan..) and started sweeping, dusting and cleaning the whole house.. i got to make this activity a weekly routine.. i have been quite lazy since i moved to kemaman.. guess taking things for granted i guess.. esp with AZ around..

well i kind off happy with myself.. especially looking at the result of my effort.. all chores completed by 12.30pm.. urgh.. tapi puas..

soon after that, az and i went out for 'berbuka' shopping pulak.. i dah janji with myself that i would cook this weekend.. so lepas browse to the Pak Amir's long list of recipe, we decided to buat steam boat.. so apa lagi cari barang2 lah kan.. well kat kemaman u cant really find banyak sangat barang, tapi beli jek lah apa yg patut.. hmm.. well cite pasal steam boat kekemudian lah ek sebab i ada amik gambar, nanti boleh letak kat sini ;)

anyway, hari ni pulak i kena gi office.. sebab apa.. well nanti i cite jugak.. nak tunggu what's the result of my boss going to KL hari ni.. pelik gak kalau pikir2 kan.. betul lah kata sorang minah ni.. dlm dunia ni, trust no one.. esp dlm ruang lingkup yg aku berada sekarang, really really never trust no one.. u'll never know when they would just use 'things' againts you... bad politics.. worst i had ever seen/heard/involved in..

kengkadang terasa nak call jek the head hunter yg call hari tu.. nak jek aku nego ngan dia n blah........

but this challenge is too precious for me to let go..
i want to see how far can i go..
in the mean time, i'll keep the head hunter's number somewhere in my beloved o2 eh..
u'll never know when it will be of use...
u'll never know...