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Saturday, December 17, 2005

::our trip to Bali - Day 3

today is our last day staying at Puri Mesari.. kind of sad actually to leave such a beautiful place and move to some other hotel.. we didn't do any other bookings accept for the 1st two days.. as mentioned, the plan is to scout for other accommodation when we move from one district to another..

Nyoman has already waiting for us in d lobby by 8.30am.. AZ and I have agreed that this would be our last trip with Nyoman, we just cant afford RP300k each day for different excursion activity.. we'll be moving on our own from now on..
Today we will b visiting few sites along d way to kintamani.. we first stopped at a Barong performance center in Batu Bulan.. A big theater with a nicely decorated open air stage.. A gamelan stage is located on the right side of d stage.. the fee for theshow is also RP50k @ RM20 per person.. the show lasted about an hour..
Along d way to kintamani there are loads of 'kerajinan tangan' shops.. First we stopped at a 'pande' silver & gold shop.. it's a stretch of shops selling silver accessories..since we are not so into bling2 we only spend less than 10 mins there.. next we stop at other handicraft shops such as art/painting workshop n wood carving workshop.. We didn't buy anything.. it is way too high for our budget..

Next we visited a traditional balinese house.. Nyoman brief on each sect. of d house.. according to nyoman, d house is n authentic balinese how.. Most of new houses now days are designed based on modern bali design.. ye lah mana tak nye.. kalau design lama tu rumah dia scattered within the compound.. tetengah tu bilik utk parents.. tak de pintu pun.. terbukak jek.. tertutup pun dengan langsir jek..

Next we stopped at Pura Puseh.. This is one of a few temples that allow ppl to actually enter it's inner compound.. Nyoman took this opportunity to further brief us on the design of temples in Bali. Pura Puseh is not one of the 9 holy temples of Bali.. it is actually a village temple..however since it is one of the oldest village temple, it became a compulsory site for most tourist guides.. he also took the opportunity to show us the process involved during each balinese visit to any temple.. we spend abt 30 minutes there.. no fees are required except some donation for the temple..

We then left straight for kintamani.. the journey took about 1 hour plus.. Along the route we saw more wood carving shops on both left and right side of the road.. upon entering the kintamani area, Nyoman showed us the location of Mount Agung (Bali’s most sacred mountain), Mount Abang and Mount Batur.. these mountains are actually volcanoes.. they have remain in active lately..

To enter Kintamani area we have to pay RP10k @ RM4.. nyoman then drop us at one of the built-by-a –steep-cliff restaurants.. all of these restaurants are built facing the 3 mountains & lake Batur.. giving a picturesque scenery.. the buffet lunch cost RP50k @ RM20 per person.. no air-conditioning required.. the atmosphere is already cold n windy.. the restaurant we chose is a halal restaurant.. there were many muslim tourist (mostly from Jakarta and Malaysia).. we spent almost 2 hours there.. dining while enjoying the scenery..

We then head down to ubud.. since we didn’t reserve any accommodation, we seek help from Nyoman to help us in scouting for a hotel that fit our budget.. the room should not cost more than RP250k @ RM100.. that is the budget that we have allocated earlier.. the 1st hotel we went in has one room with the rate RP250k.. however is has been reserved earlier.. they have no other room with similar rate.. we then proceed to the 2nd hotel.. Lumbung Sari cottage is located at Jl Monkey Forest.. after bargaining we manage to get a room at RP200k / RM80 per night.. No aircond.. Just fan.. we can settle with that..
Before saing goodbye to Nyoman, we explain to hi our decision to goon our own from there on.. he oblige.. I promise him that I would keep in contact with him.. I plan t come again to Bali for the Balinese New Year celebration.. just to feel the Nyepi Day. Nyepi is a one of a kind day for Balinese.. during that day, Bali Island will be totally quiet.. ppl are not allowed to leave home.. they are to spend the day at home.. a day for them to get together and look back at their deeds or sins in that year.. during this day, no lights are allowed to be switch on.. the airport, malls, shops etc will be closed.. cool eh..

The room at Lumbung Sari not as luxurious as Puri Mesari in Sanur.. but it’s interior is still typical Balinese.. Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali.. If one are passionate abt cultural performances, then he or she should head to Ubud.. I have brought with the dance schedule which have gathered from the net.. There will be a Legong Dance performance at Puri Saren.. ard 6.30 we left for Puri Saren.. It is about 15 mins walk from our hotel.. the ticket is RP50k @ RM20 (a standard fee for any performance in Bali..) ..in this performance, it is being divided into 7-8 of different dances.. the performance took about 1 and a half hour..

We didn’t dine at any posh restaurant that night.. there were no halal restaurant around.. we only bought few packs of bread and decide to dine in our room instead.. we are tired.. time was barely 10am when we called it a day…