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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

::clouds of silence..

aku pun tak tahu.. should i feel hepi ke or should i feel sad..
hari ni aku dapat satu lagi berita yg sorang lagi best fren aku akan berpindah ke KL..
hari tu Bad dah 'diarahkan' berpindah ke KL..
and all of us can see who is next..
tak sampai 2 minggu Bad meninggalkan kertih.. dapat berita satu lagi..
my dear Wan would be leaving too..
although it is said to still be a hush hush.. tapi yg pasti nye menjelang 1 bulan lagi, aku akan end up makan lunch sensorang
berdebat dengan 'org org tua' pun sensorang..

well.. that's fact of life i guess..
sebab tu kita ni mmg tak akan pernah end up with the same group (other than our family and spouse)..
it has always been 'my best fren at that point of time..'
i dont know what ever happen to my dear best fren in high school.. i dont know where Reza is.. Syah Juan is happily married but only replied my sms once.. so basically it ended when i sambung belajar kat uni..
then in uni.. well not that i have many close frens kan.. but Bob is now with his own life.. we hardly meet (other than the fact that he's my ex lah kan)..
and now i have 2 best frens.. and all of that about to change..
they r moving some where else while me still here..
looking at the group of ppl around me, not likely that any of them would even be a 'fren' to me..
asyik nak perli aku 'building wall' lah.. 'dah jadik global' lah n beberapa lagi remark2 bodoh yg aku dah mula naik bosan..

personally, i'm hepi for both Bad n Wan..
they r better off in KL dari terperuk kat Kertih ni..
with the drive, mind set and work ethics that they have, KL is the only place where their potential would be best judged..
not in kertih where ppl tends to criticize without giving alternative or positive comments

but deep inside me, i would feel lonely..
no more lunch chit chat sessions..
get together sessions.. (free dinner kat rumah wan heheehe)
no one for me to speak too in terms on debating on initiatives that i plan.. strategy that the 3 of us wanted to see implemented..
or discussion on new strategies or new findings one of us stumble upon..
my brain cells need these ppl's criticism, thought or opinion..
they have been my catalyst all these while..

but then.. that's what meant to be..
we will still see each other.. no doubt abt that..
we will chat n sms each other..
but time will tell..
when clouds of silence pass thru us..
they would just be like reza or syah juan..
..alone will i be.. yet again..