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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

::when one is in control...

what's going on lately??
one after another my blogger friends decide to call it a day..
ada sebab office mate dah tau la..
ada pasal break ngan bf/gf la..
ada sebab gf merajuk sebab bloggers tahu lagi pasal partner dia dari org lain lah..
well call me selfish, but i think some of us just make hasty decision because of what others done/might do to us..
as if we let other ppl dictate us what to d instead of us managing ourlife the way it should be..
dont we have enuff of ppl dictating us at work that we now allow them to dictate our personal life too?

well what ever their decision, i still respect them..
it's hard losing frens..
some of these ppl are so dear to me that i would read their blog without fail..

who am i to question their dcision eh..
they r in control of their own life.. of their own decision..

adios my dear frens..
do drop by time after time ya..
i'm so going to miss u guys...