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Friday, February 03, 2006

::between work, passion and opportunity..

about work..
i think it's about time that i stop going down to kuantan every friday.. the past few weeks i sense that operations kat kuantan ni dah boleh berjalan with the ppl already around.. they are able to make their own decision and are able to work as a team.. masing2 tahu matlamat and they are now improvising the process, method that i established before.. i'm pretty happy.. i think my new team in kertih could do more with my assistance.. banyak nak kena coach.. they still seems to be clueless and the team work can be considered bad.. well, back to the storyboard for me i guess.. but i'm loving it.. suka buat kerja dari ground up ni hehehe..

about us..
tired.. for the past few days kami dok layan tetamu.. memula my family.. then hari yg they all balik, ady ngan ayul plak datang.. so kami asyik melayan tetamu jek.. bawak berjalan.. bawak gi makan.. masak kan utk they all.. well ibarat kata, all in lah kan.. mana tak penat.. cuma semalam jek tak de apa yg kami buat utk they all.. they all ke KT semalam.. AZ ngan aku plak keje kan.. so kami pass kan kunci rumah n let them go where ever they wanna go lah.. pukul 9 semalam baru they all balik.. sib baik kami tak tunggu they all balik baru nak makan.. kami dah ke pasar malam chukai malam tadi (sedap pulak akok yg makcik tu jual.. terliur aku nak lagi hehehe..) so bungkus jek apa yg patut.. balik rumah kami makan berdua sambil tgk american idol.. pastu tgk desperate housewives season 2 ep 7.. slow betul kami tengok.. padahal dah sampai ep 10 ada dlm file vcd tu hehehe...
i can feel that, after all these 'host' activities, AZ and I are getting more closer and if i may say, romantic.. memasing asyik nak bermanja jek.. holding hands lah, masak sesama kat dapur lah.. tgk tv sambil cuddle2 lah.. bukan lah sebelum ni kami tak macam tu, tapi sekarang makin rapat lah.. if u know what i mean..
so i guess, this play-host activity does bring more positive elements into our relationship...
come to think of it again kan.. i should use my weekend to play host to other ppl.. tourist ka.. i can plan a day trip for these ppl.. charge them for a certain amount kan.. we dont have that facilities here in cherating/kemaman.. i think we should...
there i go again.. babling my ever active fantasy/dreams..
very the mat jenin kan..
well u'll nvr know dear..

..guess what.. all the anticipation of a fren from jakarta visiting us end up in smoke.. out of the sudden we lost contact.. isk.. tu lah adik2.. kalau dah ada couple terus senyap kan hehehe.. tak pelah.. i wish him all the best.. walaupun tak sampai hajat nak play host to my 1st international 'customer', at least i now am able to come out with itenary/agenda if someone were to visit me hehehehe.. tu lah org kata, setiap perkara tu ada positive side nye.. hanya kita jek yg selalu nak tgk sesuatu 'musibah' tu dlm bentuk yg negative.. we fail to see beyond the hurdle hence we found ourself drown in anger and sadness.. mana mungkin kok.. gw lagi terusin hidup gw..