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Sunday, March 19, 2006

::my idol's defeat, dont blame her, blame us!

..she must have felt devastated with her 3rd tournament lost.. first it was new york.. then it was her home ground, KL and now Melbourne.. the one and only medal she has been wanting..

kalau aku sendiri rasa terkilan, let alone her lah kan..

i'm all main stream papers would put this as their main news in their sports section tomorrow.. cause we were really hoping for her to deliver..
that has always been since her achievement lauded by the mainstreams end of last year..

the preassure was even more intense when Josiah, Keng Liat and Shu Wai failed to live to expectation..

she will be the next mangsa keadaan.. mangsa rakyat malaysia yg kehausan kecemerlangan.. sesuatu yg boleh dibangga.. tapi kita lupa yg dia juga manusia biasa..

Nicol, it is best that you return to amsterdam.. living there away from malaysia's non-forgiving press is better.. i'm sure u'll be back in form soon.. but for now, leaving malaysia for the sake of malaysia's glory maybe the best decision..

i salute ur effort.. i dont think my faint heart can accept another defeat from my dear idol..

::yes.. i have been following melbourne games devoutly.. been doing that since day one of the commonwealth games.. sorry lah.. i'm the patriotic type.. to the extend of buying 2 english newspapers just to read about the games and how malaysia fair.. hehehe..::