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Sunday, March 05, 2006

::what drives some of us..

excerpt from The Sunday Interview, New Sunday Times today..

Q : In the last three months, have there been occasions when you wished you were back at trouble-free company?

Idris Jala : Absolutely not. The reason is this : When I chose to come here I chose to come here for the challenge of turning a business around.
I am accountable for the result of the company. I will drive the company to make sure we achieve results.
It must come with the good, the bad and the ugly. If you take the credit, then you also have to take the debit.

some ppl dont seek for comfort or good money..
they like to take the risk..
the experience one gained from taking a risk is priceless..

after 2 years in this company.. i have no regret..
the challenges have thought me well..
more than what i have learnt from 5 years in the oil & gas multinational company of choice..

ppl i met always ask me, why did i decide to cross over when majority of the employee decided to remain.. dont i feel rugi letting go all the benefits, perks, huge bonus, comfort zone??

like Idris Jala, my answer is "I chose to come here for the challenge"